Veronique Cantero is a freelance illustrator currently based in France near Paris where she works from her home studio .

She has lived ten years in the UK and graduated in Visual communication and Illustration from Brighton College of Art,University of East sussex England.


A mix of British and Continental cultures can be appreciated  in Veronique’s style of illustration, associating keen observational qualities, with a very personal hand drawing and an original sense of colour which makes her work very attractive to a wide range of clients worldwide.

She uses hand drawing,  paint and/or digital techniques depending on subjects and briefs.


Veronique is very sensitive to her client’s briefs and needs, she can work and deliver roughs rapidly, and provides jpg files for client presentation when necessary.


Her creative contribution ranges widely from conceiving and creating visuals for wall murals to press , advertising and éditorial.



Exhibitions : London Bridge Tower Galery, England ;

                      Yogoki Art school Tokyo, Japan.







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